Share 2018

July 8-14 to New Berlin, NY

What is SHARE 2018?

Giving ourselves away in service to God and others is a way of life. Whether it's yard work for our neighbors, stocking the local food pantry shelves, repairing homes throughout the country, or serving around the world, we want to share God's love with everyone. This year, we're planning to take 20 volunteers, 14 high school students and six adult leaders, on another Reach Mission trip to New Berlin, NY leaving Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church (LCPC) on Sunday, July 8 and returning Saturday, July 14 around noon.

Why Reach Mission Trips?

Reach Mission Trips offer top quality mission trip experiences for high school students. Reach supports Christian churches and organizations and actively encourages all participants to adopt a lifestyle of serving those in need in their home communities. By reaching out to others, Reach equips Christians with the skills and opportunities necessary to impact their world for Jesus Christ. We have partnered with Reach on four trips starting in 2009, with our latest in 2017.

Why does New Berlin, NY need a mission trip? 

Over the years, the greater Chenango County area has lost a lot of businesses paying higher salaries, such as Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals. As a result of these losses, smaller businesses were unable to attract enough customers to stay afloat and were forced to close. Many of the jobs currently available to those living in the area are at minimum wage or slightly above. Around 17.6% of the population of the town of New Berlin is below the poverty level, and an unemployment rate is about 5.5% with a population of 990.

What kind of work will we be doing on the trip? 

The projects will include basic weatherization, painting, repair and construction of porches, steps, wheelchair ramps and outhouses, as well as many other unique projects that may be assigned. Construction skills are not a requirement to attend a Reach Mission trip. A servant's heart and a "go-get-em" attitude are the most useful tools to bring to the work camp. 

What commitment do I have to make to go on the trip? 

The trip will cost about $550/person. Each volunteer will have to commit to attending three meetings, supporting the car wash group fundraising event, and conducting a personal fundraising campaign in order to go on the trip. Meetings are listed here:

  • April TBD - New volunteer meeting
  • June TBD - Car wash fundraiser
  • June TBD - Safety, skills and information meeting

I'm interested in the trip, what do I have to do now? 

Fill out the SHARE 2018 Registration form online here (or download a pdf version here). Please pay an initial donation of $50. Credit/debit accepted through the online form. If you choose to pay by check, please make it payable to "Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church" with "SHARE 2018" in the memo. Return forms and payment by April 15. Once we have received the completed form, we'll email you with additional information about meeting dates and fundraising. 


If you have questions, please contact Rich Lawton