The Children's Corner Summer Camps

Looking for a summer adventure? Explore, discover, and make friends at The Children's Corner summer camps. Camps are available for age two through 5th grade. Take a look at the schedule below! Summer program includes daily campfire meetings, weekly talent shows, gardening, water play, outdoor play on the TCC playgrounds, and indoor play in the air-conditioned gym. 

Summer camp runs for eight weeks. Students may sign up for any number of weeks, including non-consecutive weeks. Children signed up for any four or more weeks throughout the summer receive a discount. Learn more

To learn more and to register, contact The Children's Corner office at (908) 647-8402, email Elizabeth Seaman ( or Sarah Dickerson (, or visit The Children's Corner

  • ADventures in Cooking

    July 2-6

    What makes a cake rise?  How does color affect flavor?  Learn the answers to these questions, and many more, as we explore the science behind cooking with the help of our own Ms. Marie and Jan Schlenker. 

    The Mad Science people, who transform laboratory science into fun, interactive learning experiences, will introduce the children to chemistry and whip up some mad mixtures.  Then, we’ll end the week with Cupcake Wars.

    Children younger than four-years old will explore their sense of taste by sampling salty, sweet, spicy, and sour foods. They will listen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; and Eating the Alphabet. The week will end with the creation of alphabet cookies.   

  • How Did They Do That? 

    July 9-13

    Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists.” This week we’ll help those creative juices flow in our camp.  We’ll begin with a visit to the Hunterdon Art Museum, which includes a guided tour. 

    The children will learn the paint-splattering techniques of Jackson Pollock (courtesy of Miss Lorianne) and use paint-filled balloons to simulate his painting style and create their own masterpieces.

    Then, the Mad Science people will join us to expand our knowledge of gravity, inertia other FUNdamental forces and how to use them to create some great devices. They will also help us learn how to use shapes to create structures. The children will use this information to create mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder.

    Finally, our own Ms. Stacy will show the children how to paint by candlelight in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

  • VBS Sports Camp

    July 16-20

    Children age four and above will participate in VBS Sports Camp. Learn more here.

    Two- and three-year-olds will travel to Imagine That. 

  • International Christmas in July

    July 23-27

    Learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world as we explore traditions and create Christmas crafts from five different countries. We’ll have a visit from one of Santa’s elves; and, a special celebration on July 25, with a pajama, movie, and hot cocoa day.   

  • Great Adventures from the Bible

    July 30-August 3

    Calling all Indiana Jones fans!  Join us as we reenact five great adventures from the Bible. Step inside Jonah’s whale and help to part the Red Sea!  Learning stories from the Bible has never been this much fun!   

  • Challenge Island

    August 6-10

    The team from Challenge Island combine science, technology, engineering, art, and math to create a fabulous and exciting learning experience, will visit The Children's Corner to teach the children about momentum and leaves us with a week of challenges.

    We’ll end the week with a visit from Jay Jay the Bubble Guy and his fabulous, interactive bubble magic show.

  • The TCC Theatre Presents...

    August 13-17

    Do you like acting?  Do you like singing?  Would you like to learn how to write a song?  This week begins with a visit from Mr. Ray, who will share some of his song-writing techniques with the school-age children; and, then, put on a fabulous performance for the entire camp. 

    Budding actors will perform three fables for the camp with the help of Benjamin Coto, our fabulous director from last year.

  • Anything Goes

    August 20-24

    Our last week will be a blast. We’ll have an Ultimate Game Day and a fabulous Talent Show Finale. An aquarium education specialist from Jenkinson’s Aquarium will visit and teach the children about invertebrates like sea stars and sea urchins.  Insectropolis will drop by with their Bugs on the Go program; and, we’ll end our camp with a special surprise.