Session is the governing body of the church comprised of ruling elders who are members of the congregation elected and ordained to serve a three-year term. 

Elders (class year)

To contact the Elders by email, click on their name above. 


The Session has designated a Transition Team to identify next steps in the pastor search process and is working with ECO leadership to help navigate through the transition period. The members of the team are Elders Elizabeth Barickman, Richard Carr, Kevin Liguori, and Gerry Nelson. 

Session is committed to communicating frequently and fully with the congregation about developments in the search process. To that end, Elders welcome your questions and concerns and are happy to speak with you at any time about the transition and search process.


Deacons minister to the needy, sick, friendless and distressed. Deacons are elected from the congregation and ordained to their position. They serve a three-year term.

Deacons (class year)

  • Judy Bream (2019)
  • Linda Draper (2019)
  • Karen Goller (2018)
  • Mark Lindrud (2019)
  • Ginny Mayer-Brown (2018)
  • Barbara Nelson (2018)
  • Beth Scheiderman (2018)
  • Scott Sleyster (2018)
  • Katie Stewart (2019)
  • Linda Taylor, Moderator (2019)
  • Doug Walker (2017)


The Trustees manage and oversee the real estate holdings of the church. Trustees are elected from the congregation and serve a three-year term.

Trustees (class year)

  • Larry Bream (2019)
  • John Canary (2019)
  • Lois Cutler (2018) 
  • Robert Gamble, Vice President (2017) 
  • Rich Lawton, President (2017) 
  • Mert Livingstone (2018)
  • Rich Power, Secretary (2018)
  • Trish Rau (2018) 
  • Ken Rodemann (2017) 
  • Don Sisto (2017) 
  • Ken Szabo (2019)
  • Judi Welch (2019)