Ascend is a practice for those who are growing to live, love, believe, and behave like Jesus. 

Using the rhythms of daily prayer and weekly conversation with others, Ascend invites us to reflect on how we are growing in three areas:

  • Gratitude: our response to God's grace
  • Surrender: our response to God's holiness
  • Calling: our response to God's love


Follow Jesus

More than believing, following is a commitment to live, love, believe, and behave more like Jesus in our everyday lives.

Connect Daily

Connect daily with a simple method of prayer focused on gratitude, surrender, and calling. (See daily prayer below or download here.)

Meet Weekly

Weekly conversation with other believers provides support and encouragement on how we are growing in gratitude, surrender, and calling. Looking for a small group? Learn more about groups and sign up. Download a Conversation Guide for your group.

Morning Prayer

Each morning, we commit our day to God. We invite you to hold your hands

in these specific postures as you pray your intention to follow Jesus today.

  • Gratitude | Open hands

    I open my hands in gratitude, because I live in Your grace.

    I will thank You for each good gift today.

    I will show grace to others, as You shower grace on me.

    I want to live an open-handed life in a closed-fisted world.

  • Surrender | Hands lifted

    I lift my hands as a sign that Jesus is my Lord.

    I surrender my preferences, prejudices, and position to You.

    I confess my sins, grudges, and brokenness to You.

    I pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, in my life as it is in Heaven.”

  • Calling | Hands forward

    I hold my hands forward as a symbol of calling.

    I want to live for something greater than myself.

    I want to embrace your kingdom mission for my life.

    I seek the lost, last, least and lonely to be restored in the kingdom of God.  

Evening Prayer

Each evening, we remember the day. We again invite you to hold your hands

in these postures as you pray through this day.  

  • Gratitude | Hands open

    For what am I grateful today?

    How have I showed grace and generosity to others today? 

  • Surrender | Hands LIfted

    What have I relinquished today?

    What do I need to release today? 

  • Calling | Hands Forward

    How have I embraced God’s mission for me today?

    Whom have I helped draw closer to God’s kingdom today?