Hearts for honduras mission trip

Each year members of Liberty Corner Church and the community travel to Hearts For Honduras School in La Entrada, Honduras. The trip is an amazing opportunity to connect with Hearts For Honduras students, parents, and staff on a personal level. If you are interested in learning more or participating, contact Mark Barickman


Where is the mission trip? 

La Entrada, Copan Department is approximately a two-hour drive into the mountains from the airport in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras. (The ride alone is an amazing welcome to Honduras.) The population of La Entrada is approximately 20,000 people. 

Who are the trip hosts?

The dedicated staff, Director Paty Villanueva, and 200 amazing students at the Hearts For Honduras School will host the mission trip participants. 

What is the purpose of the trip? 

We believe mission is about people not projects. We will serve at the Hearts For Honduras School and in the surrounding community all while getting to know the families, the children, and the people of Honduras. We strive to develop activities based on the talents of those going - this is so much more important than a construction project. The education component of the trip is a professional development for the Honduran teachers. USA teachers will have the opportunity to co-teach a class with a Honduran partner teacher, exchanging knowledge and experiences. 

Is it safe?

Every precaution is taken to maximize safety. It does require that teammates adhere to rules. Refer to state department website www.travel.state.gove for details. Understand that almost all violence is concentrated in the two major cities. We land on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula and do not go into the center of the city. 

Do I need to speak Spanish? 

No, but even a little sure does help with relationship building. The trip will have more impact for the participants who speak some Spanish. There are effective language programs including Rosetta Stone, etc. Let's practice!

Are there age requirements? 

Students who have completed ninth grade and up are welcome to go on the trip with a parent. Students who have graduated from high school can participate without a parent. 

What about the food? 

The food is very good according to most of the trip participants. We will eat some meals at the school and will also try some local restaurants to support the local economy. Please notify a trip leader if you have any dietary restrictions. There is a small grocery store near the hotel for some good snacks. 

Where will we stay? 

We'll stay at Hotel San Carlos, the "best hotel in town." The rooms are air-conditioned (when there is power), double occupancy, and have private baths with showers (always wet, sometimes warm). Breakfasts will be served at the hotel each morning. Some dinners, as well. There is a small pool.

What is the weather like? 

Temperatures range 75-90 F. Tropical sun! Chance of rain. 

Do I need a passport? 

Yes, passports are required. Please check the expiration date. You will not be allowed to enter Honduras if your passport will expire within six months of the date entering. 

Do I need additional vaccinations or medication? 

Participants will need an updated Tentanus (within 10 years) and Hepatitis A. We are not in an area with any cases of Malaria, so most participants choose not to take antimalarial medications. Mosquito-borne illness including Dengue Fever, Chikunguya, and Zika are a risk. If you want more detailed instructions or have questions, make an appointment with your primary care physician or travel MD at Morristown. 

Are there other ways I can support the Hearts For Honduras School? 

Yes! Visit www.friendsofheartsforhonduras.org to learn more. 


If you have questions, please contact Mark Barickman