StePhen Ministry Training

What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministers are trained lay people who provide non-judgmental, compassionate support and care with one-to-one relationships with people who are going through challenging times and need someone to listen, to care, to encourage and to pray. The challenging times may be the result of grieving, unemployment or a job crisis, family issues, divorce or separation, recovery after an accident or disaster, feeling alone, facing chronic or terminal illness or other personal challenges. All calls and visits are kept strictly confidential.


To learn more about the Stephen Ministry worldwide organization, please go to


To determine if a Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church’s Stephen Minister’s care could benefit you or someone you know or to request a Stephen Minister, please call the Referrals Coordinator at 908-507-7739 – a dedicated, confidential line.


How do you become a Stephen Minister?

Are you feeling led by God to use your gifts of listening, patience and caring to help others?  Good news! The next Stephen Minister training class begins in January 2020. The recruitment process begins in September with applications due by October 20, 2019.


Stephen Ministers are extensively trained and practiced in handling all situations that they may face when providing care. The training consists of 50 hours of classroom training over a four-month period.

After completion of training and commissioning, Stephen Ministers can expect to spend approximately an hour a week with their assigned care receiver. In addition, twice a month on Sunday, the team meets for continuing education and supervision to ensure that the best possible care is being provided. Prior to commissioning, trainees must be members of Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church and are asked to commit to serving for two years.


For more information about what is required to become and serve as a Stephen Minister and/or the application and recruitment process, please contact Diana Leaf at