Communication Request FAQ

Why would I need a communication request? 

There could be several reasons: 

  • You have an event/activity that you want the church and/or community to be aware of. 
  • You want to present your ministry during one of our worship services. 
  • You’re raising funds or receiving in-kind donations for a cause. 
  • You’re recruiting volunteers for a ministry or other service opportunity. 

Do I need a communication request if I just need to book space/resources? 

If you just need space or resources (tables, bins, etc.) for a meeting, but don’t need to tell the congregation or the community about it, then you don’t need to fill out a communications request. Simply contact Joe Assante, our Facilities Manager, at 

How do I access the form? 

Fill out the online form here.  

How far in advance should I submit my request? 

A minimum of a 30-day lead time is appreciated. You can request an event up to a year in advance of the date

What happens after I submit my request? 

A communications team member will respond regarding approvals and next steps. 

How long will the process take? 

The whole process should take roughly two weeks from request submission to final communication plan. 

Why would my communication request be denied? 

There could be several reasons: 

  • Too many requests for the same dates
  • Requests for funds or in-kind donations too near each other
  • Event/activity not related to Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church’s vision, ministries, or mission partners

What happens if my communication request is denied? 

There are several options, based on the reason for denial: 

  • If your request is denied for date conflicts or proximity to other requests, the communications team will work with you to find dates that work. 
  • If your request is denied because it’s not related to LCPC vision, ministries, or mission partners, you can discuss it with staff or session members over your area of ministry. 

How do I contact the communication team?