Event Planning

Resources to help plan, schedule, and promote your event

Planning Your Event

Your ministry team or group has a great idea for an event. Now what?

Liberty Corner Church is a ministry-rich church with a wide variety of events both large and small. We aim to strategically plan events with the overall church ministry calendar in mind.

Read the Event Planning Guide
This Event Planning Guide is provided to assist you in planning your event at Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church.
Attend a Planning Meeting
Team leaders, pastors, and staff gather three times each year to schedule major events for the upcoming 18 months. Planning meetings will be June, September, and January. For information about the next scheduled meeting, contact event@libertycorner.org.
Complete the Event Planning Form
If you have tentatively scheduled your event at the Event Planning Meeting, the next step is to fill out the Event Planning Form. We realize that good ideas arise between Event Planning Meetings, so use the form in those instances, too.

Event Planning FAQ

Who should fill out the Event Planning Form?

Church ministry teams should fill out a form if:
  • You want to make the church and/or community aware of an event.
  • You’re raising funds or receiving in-kind donations for a cause.
  • You would like to request tech resources (sounds/lights, livestream, slides) and personnel for your event.

How far in advance should I submit my request?

For larger events with 100+ attendees or an outside guest speaker, we request 90 days lead time. (On occasion, Session approval is required.) A minimum of a 30-day lead time is appreciated for most events. You can request an event up to a year in advance of the date.

Do I need to use the Event Planning Form if I just need to book space?

If you just need space for an established team or group meeting, but don’t need promotion, then you don’t need to fill out the Event Planning Form. Simply email event@libertycorner.org.

What happens after I submit the Event Planning Form?

Staff members will respond regarding approvals and next steps.

Can I rent space at the church for a private party or group not associated with the church?

No, currently Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church does not have the resources to manage parties or groups not affiliated with the church.

Why might my request be denied?

There could be several reasons:
  • Too many requests for the same dates
  • Requests for funds or in-kind donations too close in date each other
  • Event/activity is not related to Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church’s vision, ministries, or mission partners.
Still looking for answers? Please contact us.