Pastors & Staff

Rev. Dr. Barnabas Sprinkle

Lead Pastor
Barnabas' name means “son of encouragement,” and he strives to live up to it. His passion is helping people experience eternal and abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Joseph W. Kang

Youth Pastor
Joseph mentors students to follow Christ and be salt and light to the world.

Kelly Tancredi

Director of Family Ministries
Kelly and her team of dedicated volunteers nurture children and families toward a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jeffrey Reid

Director of Contemporary Worship
Jeffrey Reid is an ordained minister in the Church of God since 2004. He is married to Hamerenia for 25 years and is father to three wonderful boys: Jayden, Jordan, and Justin. His passion has always been to lead the Body of Christ in meaningful worship.

Trish Russo

The Children's Corner Director
Trish firmly believes preschool is a pivotal time in a child's life and wants to foster the best Christian learning environment.

Karen Van Nest

Administrative Director
Karen oversees finances, facilities, and human relations. 

Lexie Blajsa

Lexie keeps Liberty Corner Church ministry running by paying the bills and balancing the books.

Heather Tracy

Communication Manager
Heather shares the story of ministry at Liberty Corner Church through word, image, and media.

Marie Wenslau

Administrative Assistant
Upon retirement, Marie decided to serve God as part of the church staff. 

Linda Buccini

Administrative Assistant
Linda manages the database , Membership, and provides support for ministries like Hospitality, Human Resources and more!  

Sharon Lawton

Worship Coordinator
Music, worship technology, worship volunteers, Sharon's weekly support keeps worship logistics running smoothly,

Chuck Schneider

Covenant Choir Director
Choir Director, opera singer, and vocal instructor, Chuck's musical talent enhances Traditional Worship.

Grace Kang

A graduate of Juilliard, Grace is an award-winning, talented organist who provides beautiful music for Traditional Worship each week.  

David Sherman

Handbell Choir Director
A student at Rider, David shares his talents by directing the Liberty Ringers.




Session is the governing body of the church comprised of ruling elders who are members of the congregation elected and ordained to serve a three-year term.

Jeff Brady

Rone Lewis

Sharon Power

Cyndee  Cordivari

Peter Mwaura

Heather Vesuvio

Trent Dickey

Rick Rogers

Beth Scheiderman

Deb Higgins

Deb Owen

Sharon Szabo


Deacons minister to the congregation and community. Deacons are elected from the congregation and ordained to their position for a three-year term.

Kitty Hartman

Elaine Devito

Debby Juterbock

Patti Knouse

Ruth Nahm

Meg Mulry

Don Mayer-Brown

Jan Schlenker

Denise Wolf

Sue Grubb

Susan Roos


The Trustees manage the real estate holdings of the church. Trustees are elected from the congregation and serve a three-year term.

Dick Carr

Al Bol

Russ Fairchild

Bill Cordivari

Mary Beth Bubert

Rich Lawton

Sue Elgert

Ken Szabo

Jim Richards

Mark Lindrud

Dave Tancredi

Al Werner