At Liberty Corner, we have a vision to impact lives with the good news of Jesus Christ, in the Somerset Hills and around the world. When we give, it’s more than just a donation: we are partners in God’s work. We recognize that God owns everything, and we are “stewards”—managers—of God’s resources. So we give out of joyful gratitude for all that God has done for us, in this life and forever.

WAys to give

Mail-in Giving

At this time when worship is meeting online, gifts can be mailed to the church office:

45 Church Street, PO Box 55

Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

Bank Transfer

Donors may arrange for their bank to automatically send a check to the church by mail. There should be no cost to you or the church for this transaction.

Online Giving

Online giving is an easy, convenient, and safe way to donate. Log in to your myLCPC account to give via checking account or to set up a recurring gift. One-time gifts by credit/debit can be made without an account. 

Planned Giving

You can leave a legacy through a planned gift to the church. Please read the Planned Giving FAQ for ways to make a planned gift or email the Planned Giving Team

frequently asked questions

Is it safe to give online?

Yes! Online giving can be safer than writing a check as electronic gifts cannot be lost or stolen. 

Does it cost anything to give online?

There is a cost to giving online. LCPC pays a small fee for each transaction from a donor's checking or savings account. LCPC incurs transaction fees and a percentage fee based on the donation charged to debit or credit cards. Transaction fees range from 2-4%.

Will I receive a year-end statement?

Yes, all donations given to Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church will be reflected on your contribution statement if you identify yourself. Cash donations made without a name, giving number, or offering envelope will not be reflected.

How do I set up a Bank Transfer?

Bank Transfer can be arranged through your bank. There is no additional cost to the church if you use Bank Transfer.

More Info & Contact

Read more about giving here. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Jane Kolarik, Executive Director.