Worship Volunteers: Communion Servers

AUG 29, 2021
This month, we have been highlighting the ministry of worship volunteers, serving both upfront and behind the scenes each Sunday. This week, we celebrate communion servers and prayer partners.
Our dedicated communion servers set up and serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. We will be returning to weekly communion in Contemporary Worship in the coming months, and would love additional volunteers. Serving communion is a meaningful way to connect with your sisters and brothers in Christ by sharing in the Sacrament. On September 19 following Contemporary Worship, we will hold a short training for those interested in serving communion. Anyone who is a church member can serve. If you are interested, please contact Diana Dezuzio.
Do you know that each Sunday prayer partners pray during worship, or that prayer partners are available to pray with and for you on communion Sundays? While the in-person prayer has been in flux due to COVID, we are scheduling for the fall. If you feel called to pray either behind the scenes or in person with those requesting prayer, please contact Sue Grubb.
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