Malawi Visions Overview

May 2, 2021

Each month, Liberty Corner Church focuses on a mission partner or a ministry of the church to build awareness and connections. In May, we are focusing on Malawi Visions.

About Malawi Visions
Malawi Visions is a Christ-centered, projects-orientated mission working in partnership with the Malawian Christian organization Ministry of Hope (MOH), who operate six Community Development Centers to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of orphan children in the remotest of villages in Africa.  Combined, the six MOH centers feed and provide services to over 4,000 orphan children every day!

The primary goal of our programs is sustainability. This is much more than striving for quality, employing long-lasting components, and design for reliable operation in all we do.  It means that we seek to develop infrastructure that can be expanded by our partners after we have returned home.

Programs and Projects of Malawi Visions
During the month of May, members of the Malawi Visions Team will be sharing videos about the programs and projects of Malawi Visions including:
  • Solar Power | Lighting & Battery Boxes
  • Libraries & Media Centers
  • Irrigation & Agriculture
  • Evangelism
  • Empowering Teens through New City Kids Intern Model
  • Building Projects | Benches, Tables & Swings
  • Dresses & Sewing Machines

Watch for a video each week to learn more and subscribe to Malawi Visions quarterly newsletter. (Read the January 2021 edition here.)
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